How to make the perfume smell last longer?

Posted by Leticia on Jun 23rd 2021

How to make the perfume smell last longer?

We all like to smell good all day, but what if our perfume loses its fragrance midday? If your perfume becomes a fond memory when working for long hours outside then all your extravagant perfumes, covering you from head to toe, are going to waste.

To ensure fragrance lasts longer, it is essential to know where to apply the perfume on your body. Carrying heavy perfume bottles is tedious and of no use; rather, it is better to apply it properly so that it could last longer.

Nowadays, online stores are offering perfumed body oils that are long-lasting and skin-friendly. Depending on your choice, these perfumes vary from a very light fragrance to a strong fragrance. Hence, these many good options online even make it necessary for us to master some of the tricks for a long-lasting fragrance.

Why does my perfume fade so quickly?

You cannot guarantee the long-lasting nature of the fragrance when you buy the perfume, but what you can ensure is doing it the right way.

  • You are not moisturizing well: Usually, we step out of the shower and apply the perfume directly on our bodies. This might be a reason why it does not last longer, as fragrances don't blend well with dry skin. So moisturize first and then apply perfume oils.
  • Using the first one you grab from your drawer: Sometimes, while buying a fragrance, we usually do not pay attention to the season around us. Keep summer light with citrus scents and same according to different seasons as the season contributes equally in making your fragrance last longer.
  • Storing it in the bathroom: Your bathroom temperature may fluctuate regularly, which is not suitable for your perfume. Thus making it imperative to store it in a cool, dry place to retain its true essence.

Some hacks to master the art of applying perfume

As we have looked into some of the don'ts, let's look into what should be done for a better and long-lasting fragrance. Your efforts matter when perfume oils likespiritual sky, musk and ocean fragrances attract positivity only.

  • Match the skincare products with your perfume: This may sound a little weird , but imagine good results with this trick. If your body wash and moisturizer's fragrance matches that of your perfume, it will help the fragrance last longer. In case you don’t have the products, you can apply vaseline on your wrist and spritz your perfume there. You are ready to go!
  • Pulse points are the real game owners: You should always apply perfume oil on the pulse points. The significant areas like the inside of the elbow, your wrist, nape of the neck, etc., react to natural fluctuations of your body. Hence, emitting the scent throughout the day.
  • Dab your perfume well: This is the most common practice, lightly dabbing your perfume helps the fragrance stay longer. Don't rub the perfume, just dab it.
  • Choose wisely: Choice and season both matter a lot while purchasing a perfume. Well, this is one version based on which you might add the scent to your cart. The other reason to choose wisely is how strong you want your perfume's fragrance. 

Mesmerizing fragrances to keep your spirits high

On a concluding note, these tricks will make you feel confident when going out. Also, if you feel even a little unsure of your fragrance effects, remember that your nose gets used to the fragrance that you wear, but not everyone else around you. So, probably while you think that your perfume has become a fond memory in the day, others might be whispering about the cherishing fragrance around them.

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