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About the brand and artist

Introducing Prism Palace

 What is Prism Palace? Three things motivated me, my mother, my D.I.Y crop tops, and a math project. As different as these three subjects are from each other, they all contributed significantly to this idea. Whenever she’d look at my art, my mother would tell me, “I want that on a shirt.” When she’d say this, I never really saw what was so fashionable about my work. 


Later it changed as I began to gain more of a passion for clothing design. Eventually, I began to create D.I.Y crop tops. I would take an old shirt, cut off the bottom half, and use my paint markers to draw something on the front of it. 


My friends especially loved these designs and suggested that I sell them on shirts, hearing this excited my motivation to make this shirt business a reality. Finally, what got the ball rolling was the math project. 


So, the project was to create a product focused on finance. Therefore, I decided to use that as an opportunity to further work on the business. Along the way, I thought to myself what an appropriate name would be for the store. I wanted it to represent a safe space where one could express themselves freely, a place that was colorful and filled with all your wildest dreams. Then it hit me: Prism Palace. And so, that is the tale of the beginning of this journey. 

The Artist


Yannís A.Segura is an 18 year old artist from Chicago, Illinois. For  starters, she is fascinated by humanity. It blows her mind knowing  there are people out there that are living entirely different lives than  hers. She is infatuated by diversity and loves to witness unique  dynamics. What she is especially interested in is learning about what  makes them who they are, such as how their past has shaped them and the  challenges that they’ve had to overcome. This curiosity, along with her  love for fashion, fuels her greatest passion: character design. 


This  artistic practice allows her to create an array of beings, varying from a  samurai with dark powers, to a bubbly personification of the color  purple. She ensures to have as diverse a cast of characters as possible,  because she believes in representing all walks of life, more  specifically people  of color and the LGBT+ community. 


Yannís affirms it is vital that the  identities of those groups, especially the identities of the children  within them, are validated in the media that they engage in. She wants  to see Latino superheroes, transgender wizards, Black magical girls,  androgynous aliens, and is determined to be the one to shine light on  these unexplored characters. By having more people like these in the  cartoons and animated movies kids watch, she believes that those  identities will be more normalized, thus giving the children a sense of  belonging. 


The last thing she wants to hear is a black girl tell her mom  she wants lighter skin and straighter hair so she can be more  beautiful. (A true experience she’s witnessed.) Yannís  sees the potential media can have to be more diverse, just as she sees  the potential in everything else. She holds great faith in all things  deemed broken, worthless and not good enough. She sees the spark in  them, and strives to make it shine brighter.