Different types of Aroma Lamp for Essential Oils

Posted by Leticia on Jul 19th 2021

Different types of Aroma Lamp for Essential Oils

Essential oils were a part of our ancient cultures. Be it for ceremonies, spirituality, therapy, or hygiene, our ancestors have promoted the use of essential oils. The same can be seen nowadays! Essential oils are a quintessential part of our therapy process and relaxation process.

However, due to hectic schedules, everyone can't go for therapies every time. Therefore, Addamasnotion brought aroma lamps online with an essential oil diffuser to give you a divine experience in your own space.

A variety of aroma lamps or diffusers can be used with essential oils to freshen up the air of your surroundings. These essential oils are made of some flower extracts, leaves, and other plants for the fresh surrounding air. Choosing the suitable aroma lamps or diffusers can sometimes be overwhelming for you, with various information available online.

Moreover, it takes quite time and experience to find that perfect fragrance to suit your surroundings. Each one of them is made with a purpose behind them and can be used in various ways.

Therefore, we bring you different aroma lamps for various essential oils so that your next purchase is well-informed and guided through the right paths.

Ceramic Aroma Lamp

These aroma lamps use essential oils by dispersing them in the air. A drop or two of essential oil is enough to create an impact and spread its magical aroma in the room.

However, ceramic aroma lamps are preferred for a smaller room or space; a more powerful one should be used for a more prominent space.

Candle Aroma Lamp

The candle diffusers use heat to evaporate essential oils fragrance into the room, and the ascent created is clear and authentic. They are an inexpensive option to make your room smell nice and fresh. The candle aroma lamps come in different shapes and sizes and are a perfect match for your office cabin, study room, etc.

Nebulizer Aroma Diffuser

If you want to take full advantage of the essential oils, bring home a nebula aroma diffuser as it breaks down the oils into tiny molecules. The tiny molecules, in turn, are dispersed more easily into the room and are absorbed. The pump determines the coverage area of the scent when placed in a room. However, the only issue is that cleaning these devices is a little time-consuming and complicated.

Electric Aroma Lamps

These electric aroma lamps are unique and designed to fill the area with a refreshing aromatic scent. The lamps also have a dimmer to adjust the halogen light to warm the oil on low, medium, or high depending on your choice or requirement in a particular area. With no flame needed to burn the essential oils, they are safe and easy to use in any surroundings.

Choosing the right one!

With an ample amount of choices and varieties available, it is important for you to choose the one that suits your needs. The best oil diffuser or aroma lamp is based on some factors like:

  • Size of room
  • Type of room
  • Type of material
  • Type of power source

These are some factors which you should keep in mind before buying an aroma lamp online. Addamasnotion got you covered in this process and presents the best ones for you to select.

Get your diffuser at Addamasnotion

Aroma lamps are simple devices that set the stage for a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. We at Addamnotion believe in providing the best for all and have curated some precious aroma lamps that can extend their goodness through essential oils. Check out our range for a blissful selection of aroma lamps.